Ms. Sue's Swimming
Welcome Parents and Students....
Convenient day and evening classes that are approximately 60 minutes long Monday thru Friday are available from June 1st thru July 31st for 60.00 dollars in our heated, salt water pool that is designed for teaching beginners to learn to swim from 6 months old to adult. Children are taught in a positive, safe and fun atmosphere.  Adult water aerobics are also offered in the evening.

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Check out our links including the Levels.  Especially, Pre-School class for 3-4 year old & Level 1 & 2. There is a class for all level of swimmers!

Ms. Sue has taught swimming for over 30 years as a certified Water Safety Instructor and won the American Red Cross Safety Award. She is also certified by the American Arthritis Foundation to teach water aerobics.
Ms. Sue is very proud of Chris & Timothy because they have worked their way up through every class she taught to finally become her assistants.

Timothy has taught with Ms. Sue for nine years & has great energy and the students love his friendly, playful style of teaching. He is also a W.S.I.A. and certified lifeguard.  He graduated from TTU with a degree ito be a veterinarian and is attending UT Knoxville working on his masters.   

Chris has taught with Ms. Sue for nine years now.  He is a registered lifeguard with his water safety instructor assistant certification. He is currently attending (TTU) working on his civil engineering degree.

Andrew has taught with Ms. Sue for nine years & has an engineering degree from TTU also.  

We have a New assistant & her name is Cayce. She has passed all the of Ms. Sue Swimming classes with flying colors & has interest in become a life guard.   

Timothy, Chris, Ms. Sue & Andrew
IMPORTANT:  All our guards are up-to-date on lifeguard certificates, first aid/CPR, & oxygen administration and safety is taught to our students in every class. 

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